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Welcome to LVC

(Formerly known as The Low Vision Information Center)
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The Low Vision Center is a nonprofit organization that helps people with low vision maintain their independence. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, we offer information services as well as a demonstration area full of a variety of low vision aids and ideas.

The Low Vision Center offers its resources without charge, relying entirely upon personal contributions to fund its varied services.

I invite you to browse our web site for more information about our services, as well as helpful hints for improving your vision. Some examples include:

I also invite you to make an appointment to visit our demonstration area so you can examine our low vision aids, including magnifiers, CCTV's, Zoom Text, and non-optical adaptive aids (such as talking clocks and writing guides). We also sell a select group of low vision aids and Bausch & Lomb, Coil, and Eschenbach magnifiers. Please don't hesitate to call us for additional information or to make an appointment for a visit.  Appointments are usually scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Terry Eason
Executive Director

News and Notes

Home design for low vision

We thank OE Patients for bringing this item to our attention.

Interior designer Nate Berkus provides the "My Home In Sight" kit with general principles and specific suggestions for making your home friendlier to those with low vision.  Although the kit is aimed at those with wet AMD, it has broad applicability to other forms of low vision.  For details, visit www.myhomeinsightkit.com.

Aira is now free for brief calls

We thank Eyes on Success for bringing this item to our attention.

Aira is a smartphone app that lets you make a video call to a trained human agent who can tell you about what your phone's camera is seeing.  The service is usually based on a monthly subscription fee, but Aira has recently announced that the first five minutes of each call will be free.  This means that even without a monthly subscription plan, you can use Aira for brief calls.  For more information, visit aira.io/aira-is-free.

Accessibility support phone lines

Accessibility Support Phone Lines You Should Kno is a compilation of phone numbers for dedicated accessibility support help centers at various major corporations.

Talking prescription labels

Walmart recently announced that they have joined the pharmacies that make talking prescription labels available at no extra charge to their customers who have trouble reading printed labels.  Read the press release here:


If talking prescription labels would benefit you, check with your pharmacist to see if they're available at your preferred pharmacy (Walmart or other).

Avoid phone and e-mail scams

You might think that by now everyone is wary of phone and Internet scams, but the crooks still find enough victims to make fraud a "growth industry." Here's another article warning of the peril.


(If you knew all this already, pass this link on to your friends and relations who might not be as savvy.)

Lighting The Way gala Oct. 29

Save the Date.  The 2nd annual Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind "Lighting the Way" Gala Will be October 29, 2019.