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Welcome to LVC

(Formerly known as The Low Vision Information Center)
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The Low Vision Center is a nonprofit organization that helps people with low vision maintain their independence. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, we offer information services as well as a demonstration area full of a variety of low vision aids and ideas.

The Low Vision Center offers its resources without charge, relying entirely upon personal contributions to fund its varied services.

I invite you to browse our web site for more information about our services, as well as helpful hints for improving your vision. Some examples include:

I also invite you to make an appointment to visit our demonstration area so you can examine our low vision aids, including magnifiers, CCTV's, Zoom Text, and non-optical adaptive aids (such as talking clocks and writing guides). We also sell a select group of low vision aids and Bausch & Lomb, Coil, and Eschenbach magnifiers. Please don't hesitate to call us for additional information or to make an appointment for a visit.  Appointments are usually scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Terry Eason
Executive Director

News and Notes

Refreshing Journey

Jennifer Webster's latest blog post recounts a wonderful story of travel on public transportation.  Read it at goingblindwithinsight.wordpress.com/2019/02/19/refreshing-journey-cane-lines-and-le-man-aid/.

Windows 10 accessibility webinars

Microsoft has begun a series of monthly on-line "webinars" about accessibility features in Windows 10.  The February 20 session will be about low vision features.  Advance registration is required.  For more information and to register, visit sway.office.com/ofnj0y3PT7dnqb0Z.

POB-sponsored events in February

The February issue of Your Eyes Today, the newsletter of the Aging Eye and Macular Degeneration Network of the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB), can now be downloaded from www.youreyes.org/images/stories/newsletters/2019/02-2019-YourEyes.pdf.  This issue notes many events coming up in February, including a presentation about age-related macular degeneration (AMD) on Feb. 12.  February is AMD awareness month.

To subscribe to this newsletter on-line, visit http://www.youreyes.org/modify-your-subscription.

To view POB's calendar of coming events as a web page, visit http://youreyes.org/events/eventlist.

Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness

Once a month, Columbia Lighthouse offers a two-week course called "Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness," which includes training in orientation and mobility, assistive technology, and independent living skills.  For more detail, see www.clb.org/programs-services/foundations-adjustment-to-blindness.  If you or someone you know could benefit from this course, contact CLB at 240-737-5100.

My Tech News

With the advent of 2019, LBPH in Baltimore has launched a new e-mail newsletter called My Tech News, intended for people who are new to technology for the blind and low vision or who want to gain confidence in certain aspects of technology.  The first issue of this newsletter has been sent to everyone on the LBPH e-mail list.  Future issues will be sent only to those who ask.  If you would like to get future issues of My Tech News, send your request to Jerry Price at jerry.price1@maryland.gov.

Ruth Bird Memorial

Ruth Meixner Bird, a long-time client and volunteer of the Low Vision Center passed away on December 22, 2018.  Ruth was a Professor Emerita having taught painting and drawing at Montgomery College, American University and the University of Virginia.  Ruth first came to the Low Vision Center in March 2012.  At that time she was newly diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, which causes central vision loss.  As an artist, Ruth depended on her vision to bring her creativity to life.  Ruth wanted to continue working as an artist which would mean she would need to discover ways to enhance and increase her vision while remaining hands free to paint.  Over the years, as Ruth's vision continued to diminish, she frequently visited the Low Vision Center looking for magnification tools that would help her continue her life's work.  The Low Vision Center worked with Ruth to overcome the challenges she faced as her vision diminished.  Ruth worked with hand-held magnifiers, special binocular glasses that enabled her to see fine details of her paintings, and a closed-circuit TV to continue her painting.

Ruth donated her time by joining LVC's family of volunteers, making follow-up calls to our clients, and, in her gracious way, sharing experiences of the difficulties of being visually impaired.

Ruth's last art show was at The Arts Club of Washington in September 2016 where she showcased a series of her paintings as they had changed along with her vision loss.  Ruth said "of course many artists have experienced vision loss but do not lose the urge to create; it is a testimonial to the indomitable spirit of the artist."

We give thanks for Ruth's generosity of spirit and time.  She will be missed.

Apply for NASA internships by April 1

NASA provides internship opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  The application deadline for the summer session is April 1, 2019.  While the internships are not specifically for the visually impaired, NASA embraces diversity in the workplace and encourages students of varying abilities to apply.  For more information, see intern.nasa.gov.

Apply for AFB scholarships by April 1

The American foundation for the Blind administers scholarships with specific blindness-related requirements.  Find out more at https://www.afb.org/info/afb-2018-scholarship-application/5