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Welcome to LVC

(Formerly known as The Low Vision Information Center)
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The Low Vision Center is a nonprofit organization that helps people with low vision maintain their independence. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, we offer information services as well as a demonstration area full of a variety of low vision aids and ideas.

The Low Vision Center offers its resources without charge, relying entirely upon personal contributions to fund its varied services.

I invite you to browse our web site for more information about our services, as well as helpful hints for improving your vision. Some examples include:

I also invite you to make an appointment to visit our demonstration area so you can examine our low vision aids, including magnifiers, CCTV's, Zoom Text, and non-optical adaptive aids (such as talking clocks and writing guides). We also sell a select group of low vision aids and Bausch & Lomb, Coil, and Eschenbach magnifiers. Please don't hesitate to call us for additional information or to make an appointment for a visit.  Appointments are usually scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Terry Eason
Executive Director

News and Notes

Low Vision Devices for Macular Degeneration

In June 2018 the Southwestern Eye Center (a chain of eye doctors in Arizona and New Mexico) created a blog post summarizing a number of types of devices available to help with low vision.  The article is well written and briefly describes a wide range of devices.  To read the article, visit www.sweye.com/blog/retina/low-vision-devices-for-macular-degeneration/

Learning Ally College Success Program

The College Success Program (CSP) from Learning Ally offers blind and visually impaired college students access to mentors, a Facebook group, and in-person and virtual community events including a weekly "office hours" Q&A session.  For more information about the CSP, visit learningally.org/CollegeSuccess.  There is no charge to join the program.

Hadley 2019 New Venture competition

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business?  Hadley can help!  Submit your business plan by June 15 and you may win up to $30,000 to bring your dream to life.  For more information, visit www.hadley.edu/FCE-NVC.asp

POB-sponsored events in April

The April issue of Your Eyes Today, the newsletter of the Aging Eye and Macular Degeneration Network of the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB), can now be downloaded from www.youreyes.org/images/stories/newsletters/2019/04-2019-YourEyes.pdf.  This issue notes many events coming up in April, including a presentation about eye safety on April 18.  April is sports eye safety (and lawn and garden) month.

To subscribe to this newsletter on-line, visit http://www.youreyes.org/modify-your-subscription.

To view POB's calendar of coming events as a web page, visit http://youreyes.org/events/eventlist.

In memoriam Pat Coupard

It is with great sadness that we say our farewell to our long-time Board President and dear friend, Patricia Coupard.  Pat was our mentor, supporter, and co-founder, and will be remembered as a woman of great intellect, beauty and strength who touched many lives for the better.  She died peacefully at home, surrounded by her family and will be greatly missed.  Even in death Pat continues to assist others by having memorial donations in lieu of flowers be made to the Low Vision Center.  We give thanks for the life and generosity of our dear friend Pat.  A memorial will be held at Edgemoor Club in Bethesda, MD on April 27 at 10 a.m.

A salty tip

(from Carrie at Live Accessible)

If you regularly add salt to your food but have trouble telling how much is coming out of the salt shaker, try using a salt cellar instead.  Put the salt in a shallow wide-mouth jar so you can reach in and take a pinch when you want it.

Check for the Checkered Eye

A person wearing the Checkered Eye symbol is on the "blindness spectrum."

 Checkered Eye symbol

Wearing this symbol helps you let people know you have low vision, even if you don't need or want a white cane or dog guide.  The Checkered Eye began in Canada; many people in the United States don't yet know what it means.  Help spread the word.  For more information, visit www.checkeredEye.com.

Discount at Audio Book Contractors

Audio Book Contractors (ABC)), which publishes and sells unabridged classic books in audio, is offering a 20% discount to clients and supporters of the Low Vision Center.  This offer applies only to audio books purchased directly from ABC on physical media (cassettes or CDs), is intended only for clients and supporters of LVC and their families, and might be withdrawn in the future.  Although many of ABC's titles are also available for download through Audible.com, ABC cannot offer a discount on these downloads.  ABC's cassette and CD books can be ordered on-line at www.audiobookcontractors.com.  Use the promo code "LVC" at checkout to get your discount.