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List of CCTVs For Sale

September 2017

We sell donated CCTV systems to help support our free services.  The equipment listed below is currently available.  Prices are negotiable.  Feel free to make your best offer.  If you would like to try out any of these devices (whether or not you want to buy it), please call us at 301-951-4444 for a free appointment.

Please note: sales of used equipment are final.  Be sure to allow enough time to try out the device and verify that it will meet your needs before you buy it.

Click on any picture below to see a larger image.

CCTV Systems

Unless noted otherwise, these systems include both the camera and the video display screen.

1.  Merlin MRVE-A Merlin MRVE-A by EVS with 18" ACER color monitor. $650.

3.  Merlin MR Merlin MR CCTV by EVS with 20" Vizio color monitor.  The monitor on this model is a separate unit; you can, if you choose, replace the one we supply with one of your own, as long as it accepts composite video input from an RCA phono jack on the base unit.  $695.

6. Aladdin Ultra by Telesensory with 17" Black and White monitor. $295.

7. Ruby XL HD portable reader by Freedom Scientific with 5" color screen. $550.

8. Compact+ 7 HD portable reader by Optelec with 7" color screen. $750.

9.  Merlin Merlin by EVS with 14" color monitor. $395.

10.  VideoEye! Power Zoom Video Eye! with X/Y Tray and 18" Neo View color monitor. $495.

12.  Topaz Topaz CCTV by Freedom Scientific with 22" color monitor. $1,750.

Other Devices

26.  Eye-Pal Eye-Pal SOLO reader. $ 595.


These systems are not for sale, but are available for demonstration at the Low Vision Center.

21. Topaz HD by Freedom Scientific - Color, 20" flat screen.

22. Ruby HD by Freedom Scientific - Color handheld HD Video Magnifier 5" screen.

23. Ruby by Freedom Scientific - Color handheld Video Magnifier, 4" screen.

24. Smartlux by Eshenbach - Color handheld Video Magnifier 5" screen.

25. Pebble HD by EVS - Color handheld Video Magnifier 5" screen.