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Donate On-line

This page is for donating on-line.  If you prefer to mail us a check, please see our Donations page.

You can donate on-line to the Low Vision Center through either the PayPal Giving Fund or through Network For Good.  Please be aware that neither the PayPal Giving Fund nor Network For Good is a part of the Low Vision Center.  They are not subject to the LVC web site policies.

Note that Network For Good lists the Low Vision Center under our former name, Low Vision Information Center.

Your donation will usually not reach the Low Vision Center until late in the month after the month in which you made it.  Please be patient if we seem tardy in acknowledging your generosity.  If you elect not to divulge your contact information to LVC, we won't be able to thank you for your donation, but in any case you will receive a receipt for your tax records from PayPal Giving Fund or from Network For Good.

Select this link to continue to PayPal Giving Fund.

Select this link to continue to Network For Good.

This web page is intended to solicit donations only in locations where LVC is legally entitled to make such solicitations.  LVC is registered in and can solicit donations in the State of Maryland.  Of course, we are happy to accept unsolicited donations from anyone.

"In honor of" and "in memory of"

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a friend or loved one, or in honor of a special person or occasion, we encourage you to do so.  The Network For Good donation page has a space where you can indicate the dedication of a gift.  There is no similar space on the PayPal Giving Fund donation page, so please send us an e-mail explaining your intent.

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