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Low Vision Non-Optical Aids

There are hundreds of devices that can help people with low vision manage their everyday living tasks. Readily available locally, including at the Low Vision Center, and through catalogs, these devices can often be just the thing to enable someone with low vision to maintain independence.

For example, bright-colored bumpy marks can be put on an oven dial so someone with low vision can easily find the 350-degree mark. To help tell time, there are talking clocks and watches as well as clocks, timers, and watches with large, easy-to-read faces. There are aids that thread needles, keep socks together, and help keep track of medication.  For the exercise-conscious, even pedometers have learned to talk!

To help with writing, there are signature, letter, and envelope guides, bold black pens, and paper with thick black lines that are more easily seen. Playing cards, crossword puzzles, and even some board games come in low vision versions.

Big-button phones make it easier to dial and large-print address books make it easier to read addresses and telephone numbers.  For those to whom you write frequently, you can purchase preprinted address labels to save you the trouble of addressing the envelope.

The Low Vision Center has many non-optical aids available for visually impaired people to try. The Low Vision Center also sells some of the more commonly used aids at competitive prices as a convenience to our clients.

For more information:

  • If you want a desk planner/calendar, consider the one sold by EZ2See Products.