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Donations to the Low Vision Center

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Thank You!

If you are among the individuals and organizations who donate to support the Low Vision Center, we thank you very much.  It is through your generosity that we continue to provide our services at no charge to our clients.

How To Donate

The Low Vision Center does not charge for its services, and depends on contributions from people like you to pay the rent and meet its other expenses.  You can donate money to LVC by mail or online.  LVC can also accept certain in-kind donations.  Be sure to also see the section below about merchants who will donate to LVC when you buy their products or use their web site.
  • By mail

    Make your check payable to "Low Vision Center" and mail it to:

    The Low Vision Center
    4905 Del Ray Avenue, Suite 504
    Bethesda, MD 20814

  • Online

    Select the "Donate Now" button on any page of the LVC web site or right here:

     "Donate Now" button

    You can donate through either the PayPal Giving Fund or through Network For Good.  These "donor advised funds" accept and process your donation, issue you a receipt for your tax records, and then distribute your donation to the charity you select.  Network For Good charges a small administrative fee for processing your donation, as explained on their web site.  Currently the expenses of the PayPal Giving Fund are borne by PayPal, so that 100% of your donation reaches LVC.

    When you donate through Network For Good, you can specify whether or not your name and contact information are released to LVC.  The PayPal Giving Fund will always tell us your name, but yu can decide whether we get any of your contact information.

  • In-kind donations

    LVC accepts donations of equipment that can be of use to people with low vision, such as CCTV systems or high power magnifiers.  Usually we offer donated equipment for sale to our clients and use the proceeds to help defray our operating expenses.  Please call us at 301-951-4444 to arrange an in-kind donation.

The Low Vision Center is a501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

This web page is intended to solicit donations only in locations where LVC is legally entitled to make such solicitations.  LVC is registered in and can solicit donations in the State of Maryland.  Of course, we are happy to accept unsolicited donations from anyone.

Sponsor one of our web pages.

In appreciation of your annual contribution of $100 or more, we would be pleased to list you or your business or organization as a sponsor on the web page of your choice on this web site.  (There is a limit of three sponsors per page, first come, first served.)  Your sponsorship listing can include your logo or other small graphic (3600 pixels maximum) and can be a hyperlink to the web site of your choice.  (To make our site less attractive to link-spammers, links to sponsors are coded as "nofollow."  We reserve the right to refuse graphics or links to content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.)  If you would like to sponsor one of our web pages, enclose a note with your donation or call us to discuss details.

Support LVC while you shop and surf the web

Some retailers and web sites will donate to a charity of your choice in appreciation of your buying their products or using their service, at no additional cost to you.  Here are some programs in which the Low Vision Center participates.

GoodSearch.com and GoodShop.com

GoodSearch.com is an Internet search site.  The search results are the same ones you'd get from Yahoo search, but every time you do a search (with a few exceptions) GoodSearch.com will credit a small donation to the charity of your choice.  Be sure to select the Low Vision Center of Montgomery County as your chosen charity the first time you visit the site.  If you use more than one computer, or more than one web browser, select LVC once from each computer and browser.

Note: after you select a charity at GoodSearch.com, you will be prompted to register.  This is optional.  Donations will be credited to your selected charity whether or not you choose to register and provide your e-mail address.

Another note: GoodSearch displays the search results by "framing" results from Yahoo.  The security settings of some web browsers don't allow this kind of framing.  If your browser won't display the search results, you may have to adjust your browser's security settings, or just find another way to support the Low Vision Center.

GoodShop.com, an associated web site, is a shopping portal which provides coupons and links to merchants who will donate a portion of your purchase price to your selected charity, at no additional cost to you.  Selecting LVC as your charity for GoodSearch.com will also select us for GoodShop.com.  If you're going shopping on the Internet, check whether GoodShop.com has a deal from your preferred merchant.

The Amazon Smile Program

If you buy from Amazon.com, begin your shopping trip at "smile.amazon.com" instead of "www.amazon.com".  Your shopping experience will be the same, but Amazon will donate a fraction of the price of your eligible purchases to a charity of your choice.  Select LVC as your chosen charity the first time you visit smile.amazon.com, or

Follow this link to automatically choose LVC as the recipient of donations from your Amazon Smile purchases.

Remember you must start at "smile.amazon.com" each time you shop at Amazon in order for donations to accumulate.  Your choice of charity is recorded in your Amazon account and will remain effective until you change it, even if you use a different browser or computer.

If you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as your web browser, you can install the SmileMatic browser extension to automatically convert any reference to "www.amazon.com" to "smile.amazon.com" instead.  That way, even if you follow a link from another web site to Amazon, you can be assured of generating Amazon Smile donations.  Follow this link to install SmileMatic in the browser you're using now.  (SmileMatic is not currently available for Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.)  As with any browser extension, SmileMatic might make your browser slightly slower.