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[image of the Low Vision Center logo]
The Low vision Center is a small non-profit based in Bethesda, Maryland, that assists people experiencing vision loss in finding new aids and services.
[image of a woman trying out a hand magnifier in the LVC demonstration area]
Through free, one-on-one appointments...
[another image of the woman with a magnifier, showing more of the demonstration area]
... with our staff at LVC, clients can try a variety of lighting solutions,
[image of an asortment of lamps]
[image of a large number of magnifiers laid out on a table]
tech options, and non-optical aids
[image of a CCTV reading machine displaying a Washington Post Travel section]
as well as learn about the services available to those with low vision.
[image of an LVC staffer addressing a group in a meeting room]
The Low Vision Center also presents our materials in the community, at local libraries, residential communities,
[image of another meeting]
and health fairs.
[image of an LVC demonstration table at a health fair]
Through the services offered by the Low Vision Center, those with vision loss can find what works for them and continue to partake in what brings them joy.
[stylized graphic representing the Low Vision Center]
Having served thousands of clients for more than 35 years, LVC has the knowledge to help those experiencing a loss of vision.
[image showing the LVC name, address, and pone number] If you or a loved one could benefit from the services of LVC or would like to learn more about what we do at the Center, please call us at 301-951-4444 or visit our web site at www.lowvisioninfo.org.